Friday, June 6, 2014

About me!

Hi all! Welcome to my CSA recipe blog. This year, I'm very excited to try the Philly Foodworks CSA. This is a flex CSA which means that I get to choose exactly what I want each week, from a variety of veggies, fruits, herbs, breads, condiments, pickles, etc. All of the producers are local or relatively local to Philadelphia, and many of the partner organizations have a food justice and/or community organizing focus. I'll put together a post or two collecting some reflections on all these topics later in the CSA season, but for now I'll just be blogging recipes. Since CSAs inherently motivate me to think in weeks as units for my cooking, I'm going to post once per week, from late May to late October.

I'll try to describe one or a few recipes I made through the week where CSA ingredients are the focus. Often I'll cook a "main" and a "side" for myself for dinner and lunch the next day, so I'll try to always post two recipes that go together. My goal here is in part to take on a summer project that's fun and exciting for me, partly to share seasonal, vegetarian recipes and techniques that are relatively easy and make a reasonable volume for one person to eat throughout the week. I really believe that seasonal eating is better eating, taste-wise and balance-wise, not to mention better for the environment and the local economy. I also firmly believe in "seasonal cooking techniques" (i.e. not turning on the oven after ~mid June in a hot small West Philadelphia kitchen unless it is for baking a fruit pie). I'm really tired of boring, lettuce-based salads and I really love sandwiches, so I'll likely focus many recipes on that.

So! I'll be posting some of my favorite salads, sandwiches, pastas, pies, and more throughout the summer and fall. Hopefully you'll find some of them helpful, whether you're also doing this CSA and we're often in sync with the ingredients we are working with, or you occasionally pick up a cool vegetable at the farmer's market and are looking for a new recipe for it.

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